We are all about encouraging each other, no matter who you are or how you learn, to communicate in the language you are trying to learn. We will support you, no matter what language you want to learn and no matter how bad at learning languages you are. Deaf, Dyslexics, MENSAs, Diagonals, Average and Above-Average are all allowed! Please join, or read my humour below before you click the link. We hope to see you! And yes, some days I feel like a Diagonal. ;)

Foreign Language And Writing Portal
Here is a copy of what I have posted on the forum, under Rules Part 1. This illustrates who we really are. Yes, we do have the usual rules as well, as we need to. But do enjoy!
The only valid posts and comments are those posted by breathing members. If you are not breathing, then you are not allowed to post.
I will only tolerate perfect breathing. No necro-breathing allowed. We will have Zero tolerance for people who Necro-breath!
No Posting in Future threads that have not already been made allowed. This forum is rooted in the present tense only.
Grammar must be perfectly normal. Normal is defined here as, if a person, place or thing in this Universe or some other universe uses said grammar, then it is allowed. No other grammar is allowed. Period.
All violators will be sentenced to Humiliation.

No spelling is allowed that is not native to any Universe - including, but not limited to, the Dyslexic's Universe. We strictly enforce spelling correctly as it pertains to a Universe that exists in any world of your choosing. If you fail to follow these rules you will be banned from normal bouts of humiliation but instead will be sentenced to a life time of laughter.
We now return you to your normally scheduled Rules.
Oops. Ran out of space. I guess we'll can't add any more rules.